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    No sequel!!!

    February 10, 2012 by Akhil100

    Sorry everyone, but there is no sequel to Toy Warrior. The information I got was just a wrong one or justa rumor made by fans. I totally believed because of the story. But now it is revealed that is not true. So I have deleted or edited all the pages related to it. I have also deleted the "Jason and Sherbet Relationship" page. And everyone, continue editing the Wiki.

    Also, I wasn't here to develop the Wiki for a long time because of various reasons. But I'll make sure it is developed from now on. I have also created a few other Wikis and I'm kinda busy with them. So, I won't visit this Wiki lately but I'll try to when I'm free.

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  • Akhil100

    Hey guys! My name is Akhil100. I made this wikia. I loved Toy Warrior movies. They are so great. They didn't have a wikia for their own. So i made one. And here it is, Toy Warrior Wikia. So enjoy.

    Please, add a comment.

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